Film set to highlight disabled diving

dolphins feature in The CurrentQuadruple London 2012 gold medal winning swimmer Missy Franklin has teamed up with film maker Kurt Miller to make an inspiration 40 minute documentary about how scuba diving can change the lives of disabled people.

As well as being a medal winner, 17 year old Franklin is an advocate of helping others through adversity in her role as a Athlete Ambassador. She is currently training to dive so she can take part in the film, named The Current, and help show the benefits of diving for disabled people. People such as wounded veteran Jesse Murphree, who takes to the water to rebuild his confidence and his life.

The film is currently looking for funding, but its makers hope to be in production in 2013.

See the Kickstarter page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1117586448/the-current-1 for full details