Maldives creates world’s largest Marine Reserve

The Island nation of the Maldives, one of the most popular diving destinations in the world, has created the world’s largest Marine Reserves. The Office of the President Dr Mohamed Waheed, announced the intention for the whole country, some 90,000 square kilometres is to become a marine reserve.  

Fiji moves a step closer to shark protection

The island nation of Fiji is finalising plans to join destinations like Palau and become a shark sanctuary. Sanaila Naqali, the government’s Director of Fisheries has confirmed the proposal’s for the sanctuary will be put before the Cabinet on June 19. The proposals state the idea to turn Fiji’s entire 1.2 million square kilometre Economic …

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Australian White shark populations seperate

Australian great white sharks come from two distinct populations a scientific discovery has identified. Scientists from the University of Queenlsand  researched the populations living in Western and eastern Australia and found a genetic divide on either side of the Bass Strait. Tissue from 97 sharks was taken and analysed to assess why satellite tagging data …

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Free for the Jubilee

The Cayman Turtle Farm celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by releasing one of its oldest captive animals. The roughly 60 year old male green turtle has been at the farm for 30 years as part of the captive breeding programme. The turtle was satellite tagged and his progress can be tracked at From the …

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Indepths now on Twitter

You can now follow Indepths on Twitter. Keep up to date with the latest news and views from the world of diving by following us in twitterland. You can find indepths at!/indepths.

1st recording of Red Sea coral spawning

The Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association has announced it has recorded a mass coral spawning event in the Red Sea for the first time. Acropora corals, a common hard coral species in the Red Sea, were observed in a mass spawning event after a ten year study to try and pin down the timings of the …

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More visitors to Ningaloo

  A new aggregation of feeding whalesharks has been discovered off Ningaloo Reef. The group of around 25 sharks has been seen feeding at the surface on krill near the Murion Islands. “At this stage, it was clear from observations and plankton samples collected the sharks were in the area due to the abundance of …

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