Scubamedic Tour

Scubamedic Tour – Short Term Membership Cover

Enrol your clients as temporary members of to receive insurance coverage for non-diving tour risks such as kayaking, kite boarding, snorkeling, wind surfing, etc.

Schedule Of Benefits

The underwriting company will pay up to the limits set against each section. However, the maximum total recoverable amount under this policy in the aggregate shall not exceed £50,000 in all.

1. Medical Expenses £50,000
2. Emergency Repatriation (at the option of the Company ) £20,000
3. Air Evacuation £20,000
4. Search and Rescue Costs £20,000
5. Reasonable Transportation Costs & Accommodation Expenses £1,000
6. Personal Accident Coverage:If during the coverage period the Insured sustains Injury /death due to a Sports Diving Accident, the following benefits will apply: Death £5,000
Loss of one limb or loss of one eye £1,000
Loss of two limbs, two eyes or one of each £5,000
Permanent Total Disability £5,000
7. Civil Liability awards against the Insured (including legal costs) £50,000