Try before you dive


© Catlin Seaview Survey

© Catlin Seaview Survey

Google streetview could be coming to a dive site near you soon. Catlin Seaview Survey partnered with the internet giant and has started a new system for seeing underwater reefs in 360° on the Street View system. First on show are several reefs on the Great Barrier Reef.

Catlin Seaview Survey is organising several expeditions to various parts of the world and will deploy its revolutionary 360° camera which it has developed. The camera, the SVII, takes images much like the Google Streetcar allowing divers to see where they could dive long before they have even stepped on a plane. Use this link to see one of the first which is ready for Heron Island: www.catlinseaviewsurvey.com/site/panedia/heron-island

To view the Heron Is;and dive site of Google street view follow this link: http://goo.gl/maps/3mPy0 and grab the street view icon and place it over the yellow dot that appears